Rhonda Sheffield Flyer 082416Our Vision

Empowering young ladies to become Self-Confident in all areas of their lives. “The Total Woman” Mentoring Program Ages: 8 -18 years of age

It is the Mission of Treasure of Love to empower young ladies globally, through group interacting workshops that cultivate positive self-worth. Using scriptural encouragement, workshops and seminars as the tool, ladies of all ages will grow in all areas of their lives and live productive, empowering and confident lives. Treasure of Love will provide Biblical, Professional, Knowledgeable and friendly learning environments to help young ladies develop into. " The Total Woman "

We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.

Our goal is to affirm girls in their desire to live godly lives; letting inner beauty, courage, honesty, obedience, self-sacrifice, and wisdom set them apart to achieve their God-given purpose.

Activities: Field Trips, Self-Development, Group Sessions, Work Shops, Cultures Awareness, Educational Workshops, Community Outreach, Etiquette Training, etc...